Solidarity with Rojava and the International Week of Action Against Fascism

Rise Up Against Fascism

Symbiosis PDX endorses the Rise Up for Rojava Campaign’s call for an international week of action against fascism. We stand in solidarity with the Rojava Revolution, as it is the world’s revolution. We understand our struggle for freedom and liberation in Portland and the Pacific Northwest to be inextricably tied to the struggle for the same in the Middle East.

As the fight against racist state forces and settler-colonialism continues in the streets, we know the only real solutions to systemic oppressions lay in the development of directly democratic, self-governing, dual-power structures who can oppose the state’s monopoly on violence. The right to self-determination by all peoples must be fully recognized and respected. Through our cooperation and confederation we can break the backs of empires. We aim to breathe live back into the corpse of a dispossessed society withered away by capitalist modernity.

 As we prepare for our own week of action from Nov. 4-11th in response to a possible fascist coup by the Trump regime in the United States, we look to our comrades abroad for strength, inspiration and guidance as to how to defend our communities from a fascist threat on all sides and against all odds. In the first week of November our international struggle against fascism and for a democratic modernity shall merge.

We condemn the capitalist war machine that fuels international death and destruction across the world. We join the call for actions directed against war profiteers involved with Turkish Arms sales, who are responsible for the deaths of our friends abroad, such as Boeing, Lockheed Martin, United Technologies Corporation, L-3 Communications.

The Rojava Revolution demonstrates how communities can self-organize in truly democratic fashion, to successfully oppose authoritarian nation-states and fascist militias alike. The struggle for humanity to reclaim its own destiny and to oppose total ecological annihilation continues against the death machine of capitalist modeernity.

Biji Biji Rojava!
Towards a commune of communes
Symbiosis PDX